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Having opened and managed a few nurseries myself and helped 100s of others begin opening their nurseries, I have identified the following pathway for success.
Not sure what stage you are at? Check out the ‘Open a Nursery’ Pathway below.
I look forward to supporting you.

Step 1 - The Beginning

You have the idea or passion to open your own nursery.

But you haven’t started anything yet, and not sure how you can get started.

This is the hardest and most daunting part – getting started.

As you’re here, you are on the right path. Just make sure you take this first step.

There are two things you should do right now.

First – start writing your business plan. You can get advice on how to write a business plan and get a free template here: https://www.openanursery.co.uk/how-to-write-a-business-plan-for-a-nursery/

Second – Get some some free guidance on the starter course. Find out more here: https://www.openanursery.co.uk/course/how-to-open-a-nursery-in-the-uk-free-starter-guide/

Step 2 - Decide Where

Started your plan already? You need to plan where your nursery will be.

Whether you plan to have the nursery in your house or in a dedicated building, you need to make sure there is sufficient demand.

You should have started this if you have been already enrolled on the free course.

If you haven’t already research demand in your area.

Then, start looking for a building.

Get advice on how to find your building here: https://www.openanursery.co.uk/find-a-nursery-building/

Step 3 - Prepare for Ofsted

So, you’ve got your building already?

Then you need to start preparing for Ofsted to visit.

You need to prepare the documents you need for your nursery and start getting the resources and items you need.

Find out the key things you should get for your nursery here: https://www.openanursery.co.uk/the-different-toys-and-equipment-and-you-need-for-nursery/

Step 4 - Get Registered

You’ve got your building and resources already, what next?

It’s time to register with Ofsted.

Registration is simple and can be done by applying to register your setting.

After registering, you just need to prepare for your Ofsted registration visit. This is where they come and visit your nursery and ask questions relating to your suitability.

Find out what happens on the Ofsted visit here and get access to some Ofsted registration questions they may ask.

If you do need support with any of this then I am just a call away (book a call here).

Step 5 – Success!

You’ve successfully registered with Ofsted and are ready to open up.

If you’ve done the above steps well you should be well on your way to running a successful nursery.

You now need to get staff to work in your nursery and get children to care for.

If you need support in either of these then no worries, this is my expertise.

Book a call with me and I can support you with the complexities of managing staff and human resources.

You can also get help with your marketing to ensure you have lot’s of children when you open.

Need support? Then book here: https://www.openanursery.co.uk/how-to-open-a-nursery-consultation-and-advice-calls/

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