Open a Nursery in the UK - Complete Mentorship Package


The nursery industry is growing! Demand is increasing. Since COVID 100s of new nurseries are opening. The time to get started is now!

Don’t delay opening yours or get left behind.

Before we get started…

Let me get this out the way straight away.

I know a lot of you may have doubts about whether you are capable of running a nursery. 

You may feel like it’s too complicated. 

Or that someone like yourself could never own their own business or be a director of a company.

I am here to tell you this now!

You are capable!
You are the type of person to be a director!
You can and will open your own nursery!

It’s important to start off with the belief that you can do it.

I was the first person in my family to be a director of a company, and have since helped many of them to start their own businesses.

I’ve also helped 100s of people get started opening their own nursery.

You can be that person in your community too.

Curtly Ania

Let’s get into how I can help you to do this.

The task of opening a nursery can seem quite a long process, especially if you’ve never opened a nursery before.
If you’re like most of the nursery owners I work with, you want to spend your time helping children and having a bit more freedom.
…not figuring out what all the steps are to open a nursery.
Well the reality is this… 


You will need to put in some work to get this done!
And I want to support people who are ready to get this done. So…
  1. If you don’t want to open your nursery within the next year – don’t sign up!
  2. If you aren’t ready to put in the extra hours per week needed whether that be after work or in your spare time – don’t sign up!
I have many other ways to help you if you have a longer time-scale (like the online courses)
If you do have the passion to finally achieve your dream of opening your own nursery, then keep reading and I will show you how I can support you.

Opening a nursery doesn’t have to be difficult

Having opened three nurseries myself and helped many others to open their own, I have created a simple and proven formula showing how to open a nursery.
I’m excited to share it with you!
SO although, at times there will be some hard work, I’ve made the steps so simple and manageable that it won’t feel like it.
You will be able to do so around your other work and life commitments.

‘[the steps are] for dummies, it’s so easy to follow,’ – Aklima

What's stopping you opening your nursery?

There are two main reasons (apart from fear) why people struggle to open their own nursery.
They are:

Cost     &     Confusion

Firstly - COST

Many people believe opening a nursery is expensive.
I want to dispel this belief!
I started my nursery with a budget of just £10,000 and made over £100,000 in my first year. 
It doesn’t need to be expensive.  I will show you the secret to saving tens of thousands of pounds when opening.

Secondly - CONFUSION

If you’ve tried to open your nursery yourself then undoubtably you would have got to a point where you don’t know what to do.
You don’t know what the next step to take is. 
Not anymore! 
Now you have the unique and exclusive opportunity to lean and seek advice from someone who has done it all already. 
Multiple times! 
  1. You won’t have to wonder whether your building will be suitable
  2. You won’t have to stress about whether you are ready for your Ofsted inspection

You can be sure that at every step of the way, you are making the right step, and the best step in order to be successful.

Emma - I definitely trust that with the support of Curtly’s knowledge and guidance, I will succeed.


Regular Meetings

This is the key to your success. We will work through the proven step-by-step formula to successfully open your nursery.
Through our regular meetings you will gain extensive knowledge of:
Marketing – with over 100s ways to market your nursery, we will go through the ones that will work for you including creating your website and SEO,
Finance and funding – need extra funding to open your nursery? I’ve got you covered! We will create your perfect business plan to increase the likelihood of you getting a loan
Property acquisition and design – finding the right property is key to your nurseries success. This is done in three parts, choosing the right area, choosing the right premises and designing and setting up the right way. I will ensure you get an Ofsted approved property.
Ofsted inspection – I’ve overseen tens of Ofsted registration inspection visits, so I know the type of questions they are likely to ask. I have clients registering each month so you can be sure that the guidance I give is what Ofsted are currently looking out for.

Value: £5,500

100% pass rate! – everyone who has done Ofsted preparation with me has passed their inspection 1st time.

Building Visits

Finding the right property in the right location is crucial to building a successful business.

Where necessary, I will personally come to visit your proposed nursery to ensure that it is suitable and meets Ofsted standards.

Once before choosing the building and once before your Ofsted registration visit.

I will also assist to negotiate and secure the deal – helping you save money!

In one deal I saved a client £12,000 in negotiations with a landlord.

Value: £1,650+


Attracting and recruiting great people to be part of your nursery team will allow you to achieve excellence in childcare.

I will work with you in shaping the staffing needs of your nursery and creating a plan to recruit.  

I will assist you in finding the senior members of your team allowing you to feel reassured that you are bringing the right people into your business.

Value: £6,000

Access to the Full Course

Get the complete guide to opening your nursery. 

Want the recipe book to opening your own nursery? – this is it! 

6 units | 53 lessons | lifetime access

Use this to help support you to open your own nursery.

Value: £997

Access to Website Builder Challenge

Creating your website doesn’t need to complicated!

You don’t need to understand confusing coding or learn html.

This website builder challenge allows you to build a professional and beautiful looking website in just 5 days, you don’t need any experience in web design or website creation.  

Creating your own website can cost thousands, here you can learn how to do it yourself!

5 day website builder challenge - how to build and create a website

Value: £499

Access to Home Nursery Course

Opening a nursery within your own home requires a slightly different skillset and a different set of regulations to follow.

Here you get access to the course teaching you how to open a nursery from your home.

This is a great entry to opening a nursery as it requires less financial outlay and is less regulated.

Value: £750

All Nursery Documents

The last thing you want is to open your nursery and have to create the 100s of documents needed to run it.

That’s why I’ve given you access to a comprehensive set of documents that you need to open and run your nursery. 

From financial documents to interview questions to safeguarding documents.

Value: £1,100

Advice Line/ Email

Get inside my brain!

Having opened and ran nurseries for over 8 years, helping 100s to set-up how much will it help to get inside my brain and see exactly how I approach opening a nursery. 

Drop me an email anytime or arrange a time for a quick catch-up to ask and get answered any queries.

Value: £3,500

Total Value: £19,996+

Today Pay Just: £1,275

Get instant access now and pay just £1,275.  Then 5 monthly installments of £1275*.

Click here to save £655 when you pay in full*.

*this is a reduced payment, and includes offering a 3% equity stake in the future company.  This gives me a vested interest in the company and gives extra impetuous for me to ensure that your nursery is successful, with no additional financial outlay for yourself.

What are your options if you want to open a nursery?

Do It Alone...

You’ve probably tried this route already.  
It is hard!!!
This is how I started my nursery, and I wish I could have done it with support. 
I made lots of mistakes which cost me both time and money!
What happens when you get stuck?  What do you do when your struggling to find a building? What about when you’re not sure you’ve completed your application properly?
You may have been in this situation already…
Your options:
  1. Give up and never open your nursery
  2. Spend precious time trying to figure these things out
  3. Pay someone to support you to do this
All of these either end up with you not opening your nursery or with a big delay in you achieving your dream.
Not Ideal…  


There are many franchises, that offer to support you to open your own nursery.
They provide you with documents and and system needed to open up.
This is an okay option if you
  1. have the large investment needed to sign up – franchise fees usually start at £50,000 to £100,000, which doesn’t include the cost of setting up
  2. don’t mind giving up control of your nursery – you have to follow their rules, copy their brand and pay a monthly ‘management fee’ usually 8-10% of turnover (meaning they take their fee whether you’re making profit or not)
Unfortunately, you won’t get ongoing regular support like in the complete mentorship package.  So, if you get stuck – you’re still stuck.

Do it with the Complete Mentorship Package

This is by far the best option.


More Support For Less.

Complete mentorship Package vs Franchising:

Complete Mentorship Package


Documents Needed to Open

Support finding a building

Regular Action Plan Meetings

Recruitment Help

Control of your brand

Control of running the nursery

Personal Support


£6995 (or 6 instalments of £1275)


Ongoing share

3% of profits

8-10% of turnover (sales)

With my support, you can open your nursery with:
  1. No Childcare Experience or Qualifications
  2. No Business Experience
  3. -out having a massive budget
  4. the goal of having a nursery as small as ten or over 100.


Imagine… if you could have someone guide you through the process,
Imagine… if you could have someone tell you when you should/ shouldn’t do something…
  • To help you to be a successful, whether you’ve never ran a business or never worked in a nursery.
  • No more confusion!
  • No more procrastination!
  • No more feelings of overwhelm, No more wasting time or money. 
Imagine… just for one moment that this time next year you have completed the process of opening your nursery.
This could be the year that you achieve the dream of opening your own nursery…
You’ll be completing simple tasks each week, and gradually BOOM without noticing you would have opened your own nursery.
And guess what!
Once you’ve created your first nursery you can repeat this process again and again and maybe even start you own franchise.
Wouldn’t that be nice?  Well, you don’t have imagine anymore.  Because it’s here.

Reminder of what’s included in the package.

Regular Meetings


Building Visits




Access to Full Course


Access to Website Builder Course


Access to Home Course


All Nursery Documents


Advice Line/ Email


Total Value


BONUS: Get Access to Facebook Support Group for Nursery Owners and a copy of the eBooks ‘How to Open a Nursery in the UK’ and ’99 Proven Ways to Market your Childcare Business’.

So, the big question is: 

How do you open a nursery in the UK?

The answer…

One step at a time. 

Take the next step now.  Enrol on The Complete Mentorship Package.