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Open A Nursery

Opening a nursery can be very expensive.  Many nurseries cost upwards of £100, 000.  Though, it doesn’t need to be this expensive.  With these five tips you can save over £50, 000.  Enabling you to open for less than £30,000.

Learn these five top tips by clicking here.

Open A Nursery

One of the most important aspects of your nursery is the building you choose.  The building has to adhere to certain legal and Ofsted requirements, but also it can be a key selling point.  Attracting or putting off potential parents.

Learn how to find your perfect nursery building here.

Open A Nursery

Are you debating whether to buy or rent your proposed nursery building?  It is a tough decision.   In this article we go through the benefits of both renting and buying to help make that decision easier.

Find out which one is best for you here.

cost of opening a nursery, How much does it cost to open a nursery
Open A Nursery

There are various costs associated with opening a nursery.  Opening a nursery can cost anywhere from £30, 000 to £230,000.  The costs of opening includes things like recruitment, rent/ mortgage and insurance.

Learn all the costs of opening a nursery by clicking here.

nursery business plan
Open A Nursery

Writing a business plan should be the starting point of any business.  Opening a nursery is no different.  A business plan prevents you from running out of cash and helps you set objectives.

Learn what to put in your business plan by clicking here

8 passive income streams for a nursery - build additional revenue
Open A Nursery

Want to make more money from your nursery? Here you will discover 8 passive income streams you can add to your childcare business to earn more.

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