8 Passive Income Streams For A Nursery

Build Additional Revenue

Discover 8 passive income streams for a nursery.

Running a nursery can be expensive. 

After paying rent, staff, and other costs you are sometimes not left with much money left. 

That’s why having more than one way your nursery or childcare business can make money is important and is one of the key things that will increase the chances of your nursery having longevity and surviving through many different trials.

In this article, we will discuss some of the additional ways you can make money from your nursery without putting in too much effort.  Helping you to increase your income without dramatically increasing your expenditure.

If you don’t set up other income streams other than providing childcare services within your nursery or childcare business you are not maximising the potential earnings of your nursery.

The importance of additional income streams for your nursery

8 passive income streams for a nursery - build additional revenueIf you’ve read any type of entrepreneurial book, you will be aware of how much that they stress that you need multiple streams of income. 

This is primarily because you need security.

If one revenue streams stops or drops, as in you stop making money from one source, you can survive because your other sources of income can support you. 

For example:

You might own a fashion business and a driving school, and for some reason you can no longer get the materials to create your clothing line.  Meaning the fashion business stops making money or dramatically decreases it’s income.  If you just had the fashion business your income would completely stop.  However, in this scenario the driving school would help to supplement your income and add security whilst you sorted out the supply of materials issue.

That’s why additional income streams are so important.

The best thing for those of you who own your own nursery or plan to – you can implement these additional revenue streams within your actual nursery business. 

You don’t need to create a whole new business!

Which is what I want to encourage you to start planning to do now. 

After reading this article, you should get some ideas of things you will want to implement straight away.  Do those as soon as possible.

That way you are really maximising the earning potential of your nursery.

These additional revenue streams are also useful if you’re just starting your childcare business and are trying to raise some additional funds whilst you’re waiting for more children to get enrolled.

Or maybe you’re in that pesky 6 month wait for Ofsted to register you.

These additional revenue streams can be used to  boost your income at start-up.

Starting with…

1. Renting out your space

Additional Income Streams for a Nursery - Rent out your spaceThis could either be renting out the whole of your nursery or just individual rooms.

You could rent out your nursery rooms for:

  • birthday parties,
  • baby showers,
  • children’s classes etc.

Other parts of your nursery like your office, staff room, garden and kitchen can also be used for things like:

  • Meetings,
  • Sport’s groups,
  • Cooking groups.

Additional Tip: If you have a parking space you could also rent this out.  This would be most sought after if you live in a city or near something like a stadium or events arena.

This is something you can start doing, as soon as you get your building, you don’t need to wait until your nursery is actually registered.

Some websites you can use to advertise your building for rent are:

  • Halls Hire – for renting your whole nursery building or individual rooms. 
  • Tag Venue – for renting your whole nursery building or individual rooms. 
  • Hire Space – for renting your whole nursery building or individual rooms. 
  • We Work –  for renting out your nursery office spaces like offices, staff rooms or meeting rooms.
  • Occupyd – for renting your nursery kitchen (London Only).
  • Your Parking Space – for renting your nursery car parking space.

Renting out your nursery or nursery rooms can add £100s/ £1000s to your monthly revenue. 

This is one of the best ways to earn additional income for your nursery.  As you don’t have to do much, you can advertise your building for free, and as long as the person renting the building cleans up after themselves, all you have to do is meet with the person to hand over the keys.

2. Creating and selling digital products

Additional Income Streams for a Childcare Business - Digital Products

Another way you can create extra income from your nursery is to create digital products.

I have loads which you can see here.

You can create your own too.

The documents you create can be advertised to your parents as well as to other nurseries.

Some digital products you can create include:

  • Instructional Documents – for example guidance for parents/ nurseries on potty training.
  • Online Courses – you could turn your guidance documents into a course e.g. a course showing how to potty train.
  • Nursery documents – if you’ve created your own nursery documents like observation sheets, you could upload it for other nurseries to use for a small fee.
  • eBooks – if you have a blog on your website you could combine them and create a short eBook and sell it on your website or via Amazon.

Additional tip: with permission from parents you could sell stock images of pictures from your nursery of for example, children playing in your nursery. You can sell your products on websites like Shutter Stock.

3. Photography

Additional Income Streams for a Nursery - PhotographyAnother additional income stream you could implement at your nursery, is taking and selling photos.

Take advantage of special holidays, like Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s day.

Arrange a professional photoshoot day, similar to like what you would have experienced in school and take photos of the children in the nursery.

This income stream works best if you or your staff have some experience in photography.

Though, if you don’t have any experience taking photos, you can support a local photographer in your area and partner with them to take and sell the photos.

Parent’s will love this!  You can even invite them in for family photos too.

So, it’s a win-win for all parties involved.

Additional tip: don’t just sell photo’s, you could add the photo’s to ornaments too. At Christmas add the photo to a snow globe or Christmas decoration.

4. Merchandise

Additional Income Streams for a Childcare Business - MerchandiseLinked in with the previous point about selling snow globes. 

You could sell your own branded merchandise.

Now, this isn’t just getting a T-shirt printed and putting your logo on it.  Think more practical and think of things that parents might want. 

Some things you could add your logo to and sell include:

  • Bags
  • Drinks bottles
  • Lunch Boxes
  • Nappies
  • Toys – like bears

The best thing about this is that when the parent is using the product that they’ve brought from you, it works as marketing for your nursery too.

Some places you can use to purchase these branded items include:

5. Recommending products

Additional Income Streams for a Nursery - Recommending Products/ Affiliate marketingThrough your business you will probably be in a position where parents are asking you for recommendations on different products.

Whether that be nappies, wipes, toys etc.

You can actually earn referral fees if you do recommend any product and your parents buy this.

This should only be done if you actually use the products and would actually recommend them anyway.

In order to earn from referrals you would go to the bottom of the website of which you are referring a product and see whether they have a referral programme.  If they do – sign up to it, get your own referral link and add this to your website or send it to parents whenever they ask.

6. Stay and play sessions

Additional Income Streams for a Childcare Business - Stay and Play sessionsThis is something you can set up easily in your nursery. 

Set-up activities in your room and arrange stay and play sessions for parents to come in and bring their kids to play.

It’s a great opportunity for parents in the area to meet up and bond.

As well as a great opportunity for people to learn about your nursery.

Just charge up to a couple pounds for parents to attend and offer teas, coffees and biscuits.

This is great to use if your nursery isn’t yet open and you are waiting for Ofsted to register you.

You get to advertise your nursery and childcare services in a way that really engages parents.

This isn’t really passive, though doesn’t require that much effort besides setting up and tidying up afterwards.  If your nursery is already open you could run these at the weekend or before your nursery/ childminding day.

If you do want this to be more passive you could get a member of staff to host this for you.

7. Run a class

Additional Income Streams for a Nursery - toddler classes for kidsNow, I mentioned already about renting out the space to people who may want to use the area to run a class.

Though, if you have a particular skill, you could run your own class instead.

This could be:

  • language classes,
  • sports classes,
  • science classes etc.

Or anything you have an interest in.  There are so many different types of classes you could run yourself or your staff to run.

You can run them during the nursery day or run them at the weekends or after nursery.  Advertising it as an extra-curriculum activity.

This is a benefit for parents, as some would want these extra curriculum activities for their child, but find it difficult to arrange a time to do them around their work and nursery commitments. 

You can use Class4Kids to advertise your classes or to find a class to come in to run it for you.

8. Babysitting referrals

Additional Income Streams for a Childcare Business- Babysitting referralsIf you can properly safeguard the babysitting process, you can allow your staff to care for children outside of work.

This would be a great benefit for parents and could actually help support your partnerships with parents.

Some parents would need childcare outside of the hours that you are open. By providing your staff or yourselves, you are giving someone that they trust and that their child is familiar with.

It also gives an additional income for some of your staff.

In this scenario, you would just take a small fee for them using your babysitting services and the person who is babysitting (if it isn’t yourself) would get the rest.


Those are the 8 passive income streams you can use to generate extra income for your nursery.  Some of them you can start using straight away.

Most of them can be introduced very easily, so start right now in implementing them.

As I mentioned in the beginning, having multiple streams of income is important to not only increase your general income but also in helping to reduce the risk involved with running your business.

Businesses that have multiple streams of income are better placed to weather any storms that may come with running your nursery.

If you have any additional income streams for your nursery that you have which I haven’t mentioned feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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  1. This is a fantastic article with some great ideas. I actually run a babysitting service and would love to work with nurseries as a partnership to benefit both businesses, children and parents. Working with us would take the pressure off nurseries in providing this type of service to parents as we would take on the responsibility. If there are any nursery managers or owners who would be open to discussing this please do get in touch (SafeCircle Sitters).

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