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Top things to consider if you’re changing from a childminders to a nursery

Thinking of changing from a childminders to a nursery?  Maybe your already in the process and want some advice on doing so?

Well in this video we will go over some things you should consider and you’ll get some tips on how to make that transition successfully.

But, before we get into that.

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If you are a childminder looking to expand and potentially open up your own nursery then in addition to this video the video on the screen will help support you greatly.  In that video you will learn whether it is worthwhile for you and learn the steps involved with doing so.

You will get a chance to click and watch that video at the end of this one, as I will put a link to it somewhere on the screen.

So, stick around to the end as in this video you will get some tips and advice to making that transition from a childminder to a nursery successfully.

Firstly, you will want to plan the transition of your childminding children over to your nursery very carefully.  Especially, if you will be opening your nursery in it’s own dedicated building.  Parents as well as children may be feeling rather anxious about the change which requires you to do a lot of foresight and planning to put them at ease and to manage this transition.

You should try to involve them fully in this process.

Let them know your plans as early as possible.  Invite them to the building, show them pictures of developments, try to get them excited about the move.  This will all help ease any concerns they have.

As some parents choose childminders because of the homely feel and personal touch that you offer.  Reassure them that they will still get the same care as they have become used to.

One thing you can do is to create a memory box and keepsakes from your old building.  This will help to make the move that much more special and will help to support children in the transition.  Having photo books they can keep and talking about the change in your circle and group times.

The second thing you need to heavily consider is to think about your staffing. You may not have hired staff before and it could be the first time you’ve worked with other practitioners. Even if you have, they were likely self-employed.  So, you need to learn how to hire staff and get the right staff to work with.

This involves registering as an employer, registering for PAYE and enrolling on a pension scheme.

You also need to choose your staff carefully; you will want to get staff that not only understand your vision and can help you to create the nursery you want but also get staff that you can actually get on with. You don’t have to be best friends with your staff but you do have to be able to work together.

If you are bringing staff over from your childminder setting to work with you in the nursery, it is important that they feel supported through the process.  They may need additional training like the childcare level 2 or 3 qualification.  So, discussing this through with your team and making this part of the changes you make will ensure they feel confident enough to roll out this new venture with you.  The qualification can take a long time to do and can be difficult, so try to make sure the staff feel supported in undertaking it.  Starting it as early as possible and giving them time outside of work to complete some of the work.

The third thing is to plan your finances.  It naturally costs more to set-up a nursery than a childminders.  You may need more equipment, you will need to factor in staff costs as well as potentially building costs like rent and renovations.

The costs can quickly get out of hand if you don’t plan.  Opening a nursery doesn’t have to be too expensive, but it can be if you don’t properly budget.

I’ve done a video about the costs you can expect opening your nursery as well as a video explaining how you can save loads opening your nursery too so do check them out if you want support with this.

But the biggest takeaway is that you can save lots by planning your finances ahead of time and by being creative.

Another important thing you should be doing is to visit other nurseries.  You can lots of ideas by visiting a variety of nurseries.  Running a childminder is different to a nursery.  So, by visiting a few you can see how nurseries are run, see what resources they have, see which runs are full and why and just learn more about them.

You can share your plans with some settings that you visit and get advice and tips from them which you can bring to your own nursery and use it to create and adapt your own vision.

Though, my biggest advice if this is really what you want and this is really your dream, is to never give up.  When I first opened my nursery it took a year longer than I wanted to open up.  But I kept on persevering and I got there in the end.

It may not be easy, but it is worth it.

It always made me so proud to see, not only the children but also the families and staff flourishing and benefiting from what was once just an idea in my head.

You can get that feeling too.

Just firstly make sure you get started, and when you do don’t give up.

As I said at the beginning if you want more information about growing from a childminder to a nursery then check out the video that’s on the screen.  It will teach you the process of doing so and whether it is actually worth it.

So, check it out.  I’ll see you over there.  God Bless. 

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