Should You Rent or Buy Your Nursery Building

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Buying Vs Renting

Should you buy or should you rent?  This is a very debatable topic.

To put simply, buying is better long term, if you know you can keep up the payments as at the end you will be left with a building that you can sell or rent out.  Though, if you wish to have less commitment and less risk then renting is for you.

I have created a table below, to further help you to weigh up which one to choose.

Upfront CostsUsually have to pay a large deposit (20% of property price). Also, in some areas the costs of buildings make purchasing unrealistic for someSome landlords ask for a deposit though usually just pay rent a quarter in advance (3 months)
Cost of upkeepWhen buying you will be responsible for property taxes, insurance, repairs and maintenanceYou have less responsibility keeping upkeep costs lower.  Though check what your responsibilities are as you may be responsible for everything
FlexibilityYou have more control over your building and it will be easier to make changes to itIt’s easier to leave, as you can leave at the end of the rental period or earlier if you have a break clause.  This is important as you can change location if your area isn’t working out
StabilityYou can get your payments fixed helping to budget, and as long as you keep up repayments there is less worry about being evictedYour monthly payments when renting is usually higher than if you had a mortgage and you can be susceptible to rent hikes
Other benefits

You benefit if property prices increase.

Can gain extra income from renting the building or parts of it

Process of moving is much simpler and quicker

Can negotiate rent free periods

To conclude, if you have enough finances and have researched your area I would always recommend buying your nursery building as in the end you also have a building which is yours.

However, if you are worried about whether your nursery will be successful and or might plan to move location then renting would be better, as it would be  easier move to a new building.

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One of the most important aspects of your nursery is the building you choose.  The building has to adhere to certain legal and Ofsted requirements, but also it can be a key selling point.  Attracting or putting off potential parents.

If you want to know how to find your perfect nursery building then view our previous article here.

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