What is a modular nursery?

Where to get one and how to buy a modular nursery building



So you’re thinking of opening a modular nursery but want to know more about it?

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In this video we will go over what a modular is and provide you with all the information you need to decide whether opening a modular nursery is for you.

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Modular nurseries is something many people have asked me about since I started the channel, it was actually one of the first questions I got asked.  So I’ve finally got around to doing a video about it.

And we’ll start off by answering the obvious question.

What is a modular nursery?

Modular nurseries are essentially buildings created specifically for a nursery.

The structure and all it’s utilities is constructed off site and then assembled where you want the nursery to be.  So, this could be on a land you have purchased or as is more common on a school premises or children’s centre.

They are typically cheaper and more efficient than usual construction methods and can be built to your specific requirements.

These modular nurseries can be temporary, so you might install one whilst you are getting works done to your building or can be a permanent fixture where you use it as your main nursery building.

So, why choose a modular nursery building?

One of the biggest benefits is that unlike purchasing a property or renting a building you have almost adapt and customise a modular nursery to suit your specific needs.  You can stipulate the size so that working with the nursery building size ratios you can create them for the number of children you want.

You can also customise the play area so that you can create your dream nursery from customising your toilet facilities to creating your own wet play areas.

They really allow you to be inventive with your space, which purchasing a standard building doesn’t allow you to the same extent.

Adding onto this, it can also help you to better support any children with SEN or disabilities.  You can make the building fully accessible for all needs as well as creating a great stimulating sensory environment to help create a well-rounded learning environment.

Modular nurseries are quick and easy to construct and usually takes just a few months plus they are environmentally friendly.  With most being built with sustainable materials and processes and generally use less energy once up and running than a traditional building.

Which can help save you money with your running costs once you are open.

So, what other things do you need to consider?

Planning permission.  Before going ahead and installing a modular building you will need to get planning permission from your local authority.

Before purchasing a modular classroom, it is important to check with your local authority about the necessary planning permission for installing a temporary or permanent structure on your property.

It’s important to have a plan that meets all local regulations and planning laws. On average, receiving planning permission can take up to 8-12 weeks and this needs to be confirmed before any building work can go ahead.

How long it lasts – a well designed modular nursery can last up to 20 years, though things like adverse weather can cause more wear and tear to the building.

Maintaining the building – to help extend the lifespan of the modular nursery you will need to maintain certain aspects of it.  Typical maintenance would include cleaning the exterior, roof inspections, gutter maintenance as well as other typical maintenance you would expect from a traditional building.

 How much do they cost? Many things will determine the cost so difficult it’s difficult to put an exact figure on it as it will be based on your specific requirements.  And costs can vary widely.  Just make sure that you shop around and get a quote from a number of different manufacturers.  If you want to save on the cost of installing one, you could consider a used or refurbished modular nursery.  You can get used modular nurseries starting from around £60, 000.

Finally, where can you find a modular nursery.

There are many companies that offer modular nurseries and a quick google search will provide you with the best ones in your area.

Just make sure to check reviews with regards to lead times and quality and do a quote with a few different ones so you can get the best one for your needs.

But, that’s modular nurseries in a nut shell.

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